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The village of Ilha is part of the Macharote Area. They are the center of the 3 Macharote villages which is where they get their nickname Illah, or Island. Because of village size limitations, they were separated out of the first 2 areas. Illah has been very eager to join the program as they watched the surrounding villages make great progress and grow together.

A New Beginning for Illah:

– 200+ village families are organized into 8 zones (A thru H)
– Up to 25 families are placed into each zone
– Zones are assigned a Care for Life field officer
– Field Officers become a mentor, teacher, and advisor to families under their care

Your generous donation will be put to use by implementing our research-backed Family Preservation Program.

The families in this village will be provided with the resources they need to become self-reliant over the next three years. By committing to empower these families over the life-time of the program you will be providing them a proven and real path out of extreme poverty.

Imagine the power your donation will make to the mothers, fathers, and children who are trying to find hope and dignity.

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