Why I Give: A Campaign Intended for Sharing

Everyone has a unique message to share that inspires and uplifts. Join the cause to eradicate extreme poverty and promote self-reliance.

1 in 10 people live in extreme poverty.
We figured out how to change that.



Care for Life’s comprehensive community-led approach to teaching crucial life-skills, makes communities stronger, which allows families that were the poorest of the poor become healthy and self-reliant.

Maternal Deaths Cut By


Infant Deaths Cut By


We stay until the cycle of self-reliance BEGINS.


As proven in a 5 year, 3rd party study. See the research: 5 Year Study


Care for Life approaches each community it serves with a unique multidisciplinary approach. From sanitation, to farming, and education, we recognized that each of these crucial elements were imperative for the community’s ability to sustain themselves long after we had completed our work.

Help a family receive eduction, personalized local mentorship, and many more programs such as literacy education, goal setting, gardening, income generation, children’s club, and many more. 

Join an Expedition

Expeditions are created to help global citizens come to Mozambique to SEE how families are progressing in the Family Preservation Program, SUPPORT communities as they care for one another, and SHARE their experiences to inspire global change.

Make a Donation

We believe in self-reliance! We are committed to making sure that your donation is optimized to help people learn the skills they need to never need a hand out again.

100% of your donation will go to the people who need it most.