At 15 years old both of Alfred’s parents died and he along with his three younger brothers were left desperately alone. As orphans they banded together and Alfred scraped out a meager survival for them, living off of the negligible handouts of others.

Everything changed for the four boys the day that Alfred attended a Care for Life class where he learned among many things how to set goals and also the skill of making bricks. The brothers went to work and eventually made enough bricks to build a home for themselves. Empowered they started a business making and selling bricks, which allowed them to make enough money to all register and attend school.

Fueled by growth, success, community support and the knowledge that they acquired attending Care for Life classes the boys produced a prosperous garden. Alfred was later chosen by his community to become a garden promotor for his village. With this responsibility, he now helps other families to reach their goals and lift themselves out of poverty.