The best news about the Family Preservation Program is that it is proven to work. Scroll through the areas below to see all of the areas of health and well being that the FPP impacts.

Houses that have a:

Kitchen increased by 99.6%.

Adequate roof increased by 86.4%.

Adequate walls increased by 59.5%.

Families have:

A small family business increased by 80.7%.

Regular income generating activity increased by 57.9%.

A credit/savings increased by 534.8%.


88.4% of families registered with the government.

80% of adults over age 15 are literate.


96.2% of all families burn or bury their garbage.

Families that have their own latrine increased by 228%.

Families that use a table for their dishes increased by 103.7%.

Optimism in the community:

90.7% of families believe that life will be better in the future.

96.2% of individuals refrain from excessive alcohol use.

47.5% of families belief that the community will be better.

Healthy lifestyle:

91% of families drink treated water.

Families that sleep under a mosquito net increased by 137%.

Family nutrition:

Have a family garden increased by 135%.

Eat 3 meals a day increased by 51.9%.

Have a daily meal with vegetable and/or protein increased by 95.9%.


80-100% of village members participate in the Family Preservation Program.


Each family sets 8-10 goals every 6 months, when they achieve the goal they receive a reward.