One of Solomon’s most impactful visits during his time in Utah was with Kay’s Creek Elementary School. The administration at the school reached out to Care for Life after discovering our comprehensive approach to aiding villages in poverty. The school focuses heavily on the United Nations 17 Goals for Sustainable Development and recognizes our mission tackles more than half of these goals. We hope to continue to work with this school through student projects in the future.

Solomon and Amalia spoke with sixth graders about the lives of the children in Mozambique, highlighting the similarities and differences with their own lives in Utah. Solomon explained how Care for Life is helping these children and their parents overcome the challenges they face. 

A fashion show and game aided the sixth graders’ understanding further. During the fashion show, students learned how to wrap capulanas (colorful African fabric the women wear) in various styles and had fun modeling their creations. They also learned to play a popular jumping game called Fish which village children play. The stories Solomon and Amalia shared and the hands-on activities helped students better understand and connect to their counterparts on the opposite side of the globe. 

These students at Kay’s Creek have now spent 6 years learning about the United Nations’ Seventeen Goals for Sustainable Development. Solomon illustrated how Care for Life is working to fulfill nine of these goals. These sixth graders will have the opportunity to become involved with Care for Life, as each works to complete a Be the Change Project before they graduate to middle school.