A letter from our President

Dear friends,

I spoke to Solomon today, and he is doing a wonderful job managing the crisis. I am so proud of him and our staff. 

Solomon has already had the staff working since Tuesday this week. The staff have all had extreme loss, but the villages we work in are much worse. Solomon felt that it was important for CFL to go and comfort and support our villages. It has been good for the staff to feel that they are helping. 

All our villages are sleeping at schools at night and then going home during the day to clean up. The rain only stopped for a short time so is making life miserable with no shelter.

The staff received some food from CFL yesterday, and that brightened their mood.

The phone system is getting a little better but still patchy, still no power or water. 

We are getting a huge donation response, thank you everyone for doing your part to spread the word. There is not a lot of US news about this.  We are going to need significant funding to be able to do what we need to do.   

We are partnering with several other organizations to leverage our impact. The funding and donations we have recently received will help us provide for our current four villages of 4,000 people. We will provide water purification, roof and house repair, and mosquito nets to start. And whatever we can do as funding and supplies are available.

Repair of our building has begun. The roof is done and the ceiling is next. Everything is lost—all our computers, furniture, and files. The learning center building glass is all broken and the roof is gone. 

They are running short on all supplies, but some aid is coming in. Solomon was able to get some gas so he can transport the staff. 

We are so fortunate to be able to work with such strong, amazing people.

We will continue to work in Matadouro, Mafarinha,  Macharote 1, and Macharote 2 until they are stable and then move on to other villages as we can.

Please pray for Solomon and our staff and all of Mozambique. 

Linda Harper


Care for Life