The Christmas season has arrived, and with it comes the annual Light the World global Christmas initiative, launched to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and encourage people to serve others during this season. 

This year, Care for Life has partnered with the program’s Giving Machine outreach. These are vending machines where people can make a purchase for clean water, food, healthcare, education, housing, and much more. The donations go directly to global and local charities to help change lives around the world. Giving Machines are located across the United States, Mexico, Canada, Guatemala, the Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand. 


Care for Life has joined with the Giving Machines located in Gilbert, Arizona. At these machines, five different self-reliance products can be purchased:

  • Hygiene Help ($5 donation): Provide an impoverished person with clean water, soap, and sanitation training.
  • Home Improvement ($15 donation): Donate building materials and basic home repair training to a family in need.
  • Plant a Garden ($35 donation): Help a family grow food with seeds, gardening tools, and agriculture training.
  • Immunize and Educate ($150 donation): Provide immunizations and life skills training for disadvantaged families.
  • Build a Bathroom ($250 donation): Donate materials and training for cement latrines and construction projects.


If you live near Gilbert, please come and check out the Giving Machines and make a donation that will impact lives and villages. The Giving Machines are located near the Gilbert Water Tower and will remain at this location until January 1, 2024.  

If you don’t live close to Gilbert, you can still participate through our online giving catalog!