Mr. Joaquim Ponzene Choa 55 yrs from Macharote 3 Zone F, married to Maria João Agostinho 51yrs they have two daughters who separated from their husbands and their names are, Inês Joaquim Ponzene 27 yrs and Catarina Ponzene 28yrs, these two come back home from their husbands. Amália Joaquim Ponzene 14 yrs, Joaquina Chica Joqueim 9yrs grande daughter, the daughter of Inês, Vicente Joaquim 3yrs, the son of Inês, Medelen Damião 7yrs the daughter of Catarina and also Joaquim Damião son of Catarina. Mr. Joaquim he works in the fields for him to manage support his family

Mr. Gando Guente Nhamatanda 67 yrs, married to Mariazinha Farias 60yrs, they live with their daughter and grandson. Tina Gando Guente 23yrs not working, Josene Miques 5 yrs and Banete Miques 10 yrs . They are in Macharote 3 Zone C and they do agriculture to support the family.