So many wonderful people have contacted us over the last few days asking how they can help. We’ve listed a few ways you can help here. Please keep in mind that information is slowly coming in and we will keep putting out information as we get it. We’ll let you know about even more ways you can help.

  1. Monetary Donations! As events are still unfolding, getting dollars together to purchase the things we are going to need is top priority. As of today, there is no way to get items such as food and clothing from the US to Mozambique. We need money to solve logistic problems and purchase items that will be required to start getting things back to normal. Also, purchasing items in Mozambique helps the local economy. Often times, shipping items from the US vs. buying them locally is more expensive and can have a negative effect on the local economy, hurting businesses in Mozambique. You can Donate by clicking the “Donate” button on the Care for Life website. 
  2. Start a Facebook Donate Campaign. You can reach out to your facebook followers and choose “Care for Life” as the Non-Profit you’d like them to donate to. Instructions and a video links here: &
  3. You, your friends and family can post on Care for Life social media pages. Make comments, ad photos, tag your friends and family about this event. We need to get the word out. This will help get more exposure for our cause and create engagement. Links to all are social media pages, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., are listed near the bottom of all pages of our website.
  4. If you’re thinking about volunteering, we suggest you go to the volunteer section of our website and tell us a little about yourself by filling out the online form. Please give us some time to get back to you, we are still working through logistics of what we need, but volunteers are going to be a big part of this!
  5. Share our donation page with 10 people you know.
  6. As you post on other social media pages add #CareForLife
  7. Media exposure. If you have contacts in the media, we would love for you to put us together. You can contact Glen Galatan, Marketing & Funding Manager to help out. [email protected]

Thanks for thanks for thinking of us and all the people in Mozambique. Please check back here and on our social media often for more updates.