Mrs. Susana Francisco 24 yrs stays in Macharote 3 Zone F, married to Sousa Albino 36 yrs who is not on the picture because he was not home during the photo shoot and Albino Sousa Albino 12 yrs doing grade 8,Francisco Sena Albino 10 yrs in grade 7,Pedrito Sena Albino 8 yrs and the family does Machamba to for them to live.

Mr. Gando Guente Nhamatanda 67 yrs, married to Mariazinha Farias 60yrs, they live with their daughter and grandson. Tina Gando Guente 23yrs not working, Josene Miques 5 yrs and Banete Miques 10 yrs . They are in Macharote 3 Zone C and they do agriculture to support the family.