Rosa Vicento Sande greeted us with a cheerful smile and big hugs, wearing her white Care for Life shirt and a bright traditional wrap as a skirt. She had served as a CFL Health Educator and people still call her “Senora de Saude,” Mrs. Health. She told us, “Care for Life taught us how to love, to take care of each other, and to respect each other.” After the cyclone, CFL leaders in the village started visiting people again, telling them, “Pay attention to the things you learned. You can’t stop doing these things just because of the storm.” She told us, “When new people come to our village we teach them these things—it has to stay clean, you must make a latrine, and a tarimba [small table to keep dishes clean].” Three years after Care for Life’s exit, Rosa is still recognized as a leader in the community and people still come to her house to ask her questions.