Mr. Pedro Paulo Chipenembe 62yrs, was not home when l visited them, he does part time jobs and you can hardly find him home. Mrs. Marta Ernesto 45yrs married for more than 10yrs and they have Joaquina João Vasco 23yrs, she is the one who has a red blouse and she is sick, that is the reason why I had to take them a picture while all seated, Francisco João Vasco 13 yrs he is doing grade 9 at the local school, Anabela João Vasco 6yrs she is in first grade,Joaquim João Vasco 9yrs going to school and in grade 5, Cristina João Vasco 9yrs is an adopted child whom they live with and doing grade 5

Mr. Jonito Joao Jone is 47yrs old and is married to Laura Vicente Joao who is 48yrs and when l visited
this family, she was absent. The two they have 5 children:
1. Antonio Jonito Joao has 21yrs doing 12 th grade
2. Joaquim Jonito Joao has 18yrs and is doing 10 th grade
3. Osvaldo Jonito Joao has 15yrs in 9 th grade and he is the one on the left-hand side on this picture
4. Germias Jonito Joao has 8yrs and doing grade 2 and he is on the right-hand side on this picture,
the other boy it’s his friend
They are in Ilhia Zone A
They said they are still learning from CFL since this is their 2 nd yr. in the program, but up to now
they have managed to build this kitchen at their back because of goals, and he promised that he
is going to work so hard so that he manages to build his latrine.