Solomon Malidadi, CFL Mozambique National Director, has been involved with Care for Life almost from its inception. He plays a key role in the organization’s success with his boots on the ground, serving in Mozambique. He oversees the staff, volunteers, and villages, ensuring that resources and training are occurring in the various communities.

Solomon and his wife, Amalia, recently came to Utah and spoke to various groups about the purpose of Care for Life. They spoke to classes at Brigham Young University, Utah Valley University, Kay’s Creek Elementary, and several church youth and young adult groups, raising awareness of Care for Life and its mission to end the cycle of poverty through self-reliance.

The various topics of their lectures included things such as effective humanitarian principles, current conditions in Mozambique, approaching poverty from a holistic standpoint, and how to vet charity organizations.

These events were covered by Utah ABC4 News (video at 4:58) and Deseret News (article), helping to bring awareness about Care for Life to an even larger audience. These highly successful events and the coverage that they generated helped show a large number of people the critical importance of Care for Life’s mission, and how they can join with us. 

Solomon Malidadi is not only a critical leader in delivering services to those most in need, but he is also one of Care for Life’s best ambassadors, spreading the word about our mission wherever he goes.