Where we are at:

Within Mozambique, we are in various stages because we have multiple villages throughout the country that we are working with. Primarily they are in stage 5/6 but because we are already established there, we are also generally in a constant state of phase 2. The capital, Maputo, is currently in stage 3.

Why Mozambique?

In 2000, Cindy Packard, a midwife, and her husband, Blair, traveled to Mozambique after learning about the devastating flooding and massive destruction in a country already drowning in abject poverty. After extensive research, they determined that many of the solutions in Africa were addressing the secondary problems, not the primary problems. These significant findings were the beginning of Care for Life.

The villages that have participated in our comprehensive community-led program have seen:

– Maternal deaths were cut by 78% and infant deaths by 57%. 

– Families that drink treated water increased from 12% to an astounding 98%. 

– Planting a family garden went from 7% to 42%. 

It is clear that as Care for Life continues to prove successful, more and more villages will take part in the FPP program, instilling hope for generations to come.