Mrs. Amelia Vaz Félix 53 yrs married to Jose Alberto Campirá 58yrs, who is not present here because he traveled, they stay in Macharote 3 Zone F, they stay with their children, Alberto José Alberto 24yrs, not working, Tomas José Alberto 16yrs doing grade 9, Isaac José Alberto 14 yrs doing grade 8, Rate José Alberto 18yrs finished grade 12,Abel José Alberto 12 yrs in grade 10, Diolinda Manuel 9yrs,granddaughter,José Manuel 8yrs traveled with the father, Elias Zunguze Elias 1 yr grandson

Mr. Gando Guente Nhamatanda 67 yrs, married to Mariazinha Farias 60yrs, they live with their daughter and grandson. Tina Gando Guente 23yrs not working, Josene Miques 5 yrs and Banete Miques 10 yrs . They are in Macharote 3 Zone C and they do agriculture to support the family.