Light The World – Giving Machine

Care for Life was selected this past holiday season by the LDS church’s giving machines in Arizona. This year more than 80,000 people donated to the machines raising a record $1.6 million dollars. Care for Life was selected as one of the charitable organizations that received a donation of $119,000. Thank you to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for selecting Care for Life and to all who donated so generously.

-the AZ giving machines raised about $1.6 million this year (2023)
-the AZ giving machines raised 50% more than they did the previous year
-this year, over 80,000 people donated to the AZ giving machines
-30% of what was generated last year in all giving machines was raised this year in Gilbert alone
-world wide donations this year (2023): over $10 million and 600,000 participants