Hear from our family:

Mr. Faz Tudo Antonio Fombe 52yrs, is a very hard working person, he does everything to make sure that his family is happy, Mrs. Eva Vasco Franque 44yrs, she has been married for 25 years and she said they have passed through a lot as family. They have Samuel Faz Tudo Fombe 21yrs who is not working, but he goes to the field with the mother, Tito Faz Tudo Fombe 12 yrs, doing grade 5 at school, Bartolomeu Faz Tudo Fombe 10 yrs doing grade 4, and Graca Faz Tudo Fombe 4 yrs. The whole family work together so that they meet their family demands, goals they work together inorder for them to achieve them.