Mrs. Emilia Tomas 31 yrs she’s health promoter in Macharote 3 Zone F, married to Daniel Comeo Bulande 39 yrs he is absent from the picture he works in Manica province, he only comes home at the weekend,Samuel Comeo 21 yrs is the brother of Daniel, Lucinda Daniel Comeo 10 yrs, Reginaldo Daniel Comeo 8 yrs he was not home when I took the pictures, Sambo Daniel Comeo 4 yrs,Mcaela Daniel Comeo,9yrs, Comeo Daniel 14 yrs doing grade 9 at a local school. Since the husband work they don’t go to Machamba

Mr. Gando Guente Nhamatanda 67 yrs, married to Mariazinha Farias 60yrs, they live with their daughter and grandson. Tina Gando Guente 23yrs not working, Josene Miques 5 yrs and Banete Miques 10 yrs . They are in Macharote 3 Zone C and they do agriculture to support the family.