Care for Life (CFL) has a trophy cabinet that is full of awards. Our trophies are seeing the everyday successes of participants in the Family Preservation Program, celebrating lives impacted by improvements in health & hygiene, and rejoicing in the cycle of extreme poverty being permanently broken in a CFL-supported village.

Our trophy cabinet added one more valuable award recently, but this one is substantially more formal. The town of Dondo, Mozambique, took time out of their anniversary celebration to officially commemorate and award CFL with special honor in recognition of its valuable community development activities. The Mayor of Dondo, President Manuel VIrade Chaparica, and the Dondo Municipal Council expressed gratitude and appreciation for Care for Life’s “very strong partnership” and the contributions made to improve the lives of the residents in the community.


The Mayor detailed the numerous ways that the Family Preservation Program has helped Dondo- from housing improvements to hygiene, education to income generation. The community has seen the practical impact of these efforts in reduced infant mortality and better access to drinking water.


The proclamation made special note of Care for Life’s prominent role during the coronavirus pandemic, where we joined with the city to fight the disease and were able to help mobilize large quantities of preventive supplies to those most impacted.

Care for Life is truly honored by the recognition from Dondo, and we are grateful to be able to partner with its leaders to improve the living conditions of its residents. This award though doesn’t belong to us alone. It belongs to the families and individuals working hard to improve their lives, to the dedicated staff in the field, and also to each of you- the financial supporters of these programs. While we don’t have a tangible trophy to share with you, your own virtual trophy cabinet now has one more gleaming award.