Mr. Adelino Francisco Bota 53 yrs,he is a promoter for family garden in Macharote 3 Zone F, married to Francisca Media Bota 47 yrs, Alex João Francisco 16 yrs doing grade 9 at a local school, Alberto Francisco Bota 25 yrs not working and he does part time jobs in town, he also goes to Machamba with the family, since they do that for a living.

Mr. Gando Guente Nhamatanda 67 yrs, married to Mariazinha Farias 60yrs, they live with their daughter and grandson. Tina Gando Guente 23yrs not working, Josene Miques 5 yrs and Banete Miques 10 yrs . They are in Macharote 3 Zone C and they do agriculture to support the family.