Care for Life is a non-profit, strategic organization committed to sustainable community development focused on families. In Mozambique, Africa, Care for Life seeks to overcome poverty by empowering families to lead lives of self-reliance, meet their own basic needs, and build a better future for their children.

Care for Life has a full-time team in Mozambique, Africa.

Our Mission & History

The mission of Care for Life is to alleviate suffering, promote self-reliance, and instill hope. Founded in 2000 by Blair and Cindy Packard, Care for Life empowers people to change their lives. Care for Life is a non-profit foundation and a U.S. 501(c)(3) charitable organization. In 2002, Care for Life received non-governmental organization (NGO) status in Mozambique, which provides Care for Life increased access and permission to operate within the country.

In 2000, Cindy Packard, a midwife, and her husband, Blair, traveled to Mozambique after learning about the devastating flooding and massive destruction in a country already drowning in abject poverty. After extensive research, they determined that many of the solutions in Africa were addressing the secondary problems, not the primary problems. These significant findings were the beginning of Care for Life. Teaching the basics and fostering self-reliance would bring lasting success. After receiving NGO status in 2002, they established headquarters in Manga, Mozambique, which is located in the central eastern coast of the country. The Packard’s began hiring staff in Mozambique after starting a learning center and opening a small clinic to assist pregnant mothers. Care for Life hired staff in Mozambique and soon after, the Care for Life team began teaching directly in villages in order to reach thousands of people. This soon evolved into the current Family Preservation Program (FPP), the cornerstone of Care for Life’s humanitarian model. As Care for Life continues to prove successful, more and more villages have taken part in the FPP program, renewing hope for families and brightening the future of the rising generations.

The Care for Life Team in Mozambique

The leadership of Care for Life in Mozambique consists of men and women who are the “boots on the ground,” doing the hard work each and every day in all of our villages. They are able to effectively inspire and mobilize people in the villages as well as perform thorough follow-up to track the families’ progress. Care for Life leaders are people-centered and focus on self-reliant development to promote Care for Life’s mission to alleviate suffering, promote self-reliance and instill hope.

The Board of Directors

Care for Life’s amazing Board of Directors is a critical component of our success in changing people’s lives in Mozambique, Africa. We have a both long-time supporters and new board members, which creates the perfect combination of experience, enthusiasm and new ideas.

Our Partners

Care for Life has partnered with some of the world’s finest nonprofits, organizations, and government agencies. They are invaluable resources that have helped us as we continue to grow. Please show them your support.