Where we are at:

Within Sudan, we are currently in Stage 3 of organizing our faculties and assessing the needs of the people, which includes securing funding.

Why Sudan?

After being invited to visit a group of villages, our Care for Life representative had a firsthand look at the villages and people of Sudan. We learned that the villages share one small clinic that is operated by a single lab assistant and one senior nursing staff. The facility has three beds but lacks basic needs including a water cycling system. After interviewing clinic staff and some maternal patients, they mentioned at least one death case occurs every month for pregnant women.

According to AFDB the poverty rate in 2020 was 56%.

The world bank states that the unemployment rate is 17.71%.

Nile flooding happens every Autumn season leaving many families homeless.

During our visit, we saw families with multiple generations living together in what is called “the big house”. They are very much connected through family and tribe and take great pride in who they are and where they come from. Together, families help each other and those in need throughout their community. 

Generosity is a key value of the Sudanese people regardless of economic situation and it is for this dedication to family and community that we believe our Family Preservation Program will see tremendous success throughout Sudan.