Donations urgently needed in response to Hurricane Idai in Mozambique.

From April 1 through April 15, 2019, every dollar donated, up to $75,000, will be matched by an Arizona corporation that wishes to remain anonymous.


Every gift to Care for Life ensures our vital programs can continue to help the families in Mozambique living in extreme poverty. No matter what level of contribution, we appreciate your support and generosity. Rest assured that every penny of every dollar raised directly benefits our programs. The Board of Directors covers all U.S. administrative costs!

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What does your donation provide?

Here are just a few examples…

  • Sustains the children of an entire village for one year.
  • Provides bags of cement for 40 families to build latrines.  
  • Provides seeds for a garden for 2 villages for one year.
  • Material to improve the homes of 50 people

  • Equips a village with a Bicycle Ambulance with which they can quickly transport community members to urgent medical care.

  • Provides seeds for a garden for 200 families for one year.
  • Supports the Children's Club throughout the full duration in the Family Preservation Program.
  • Provides mosquito nets for 25 families.

  • Provides tin roofing for 5 families
  • Provides bags of cement for 8 families to build latrines.

  • Provides seeds for a garden that feeds 19 families.
  • Bags of Cement for building two latrines.

  • Provides water purification droplets for 6 families for one year.
  • Provides mosquito nets for 1 family.

  • Pencils for Children’s Club classes for two villages.
  • Notebooks for Children’s Club classes for three new villages.

For over 20 years, Care for Life has been transforming lives of families in Mozambique, Africa to become self-reliant.

A massive and horrifying Hurricane has hit Beira, Mozambique. Hurricane Idai has caused severe devastation. This is one of the worst weather events to ever hit Mozambique. The huge human cost from the storm could reach over 1,000 dead. Flood levels have reached 20 feet in some areas. 90% of the city is estimated to have been destroyed. Thousands have been displaced.

Care for Life has been helping families in Mozambique to become self-reliant for more than 20 years. In the wake of this disaster in Beira, we are shifting our resources to provide emergency services to those in need.

We are working with our team on the ground to help coordinate humanitarian aid including food, water, shelter and medical assistance. We are pleading with anyone who can to please give to this cause and support the victims of Hurricane Idai.

Care for Life is working to address the immediate needs of the people in Mozambique as a result of the devastating effects of Hurricane Idai. Once the immediate needs have been met, Care for Life will utilize your generous donations to continue its mission to end the cycle of poverty.

Thank you for donating to Care for Life today.