"Care for Life made an enormous difference in Mbatwe. Before we were in darkness, but Care for Life showed us what needed to be done."

—Souza Chatima,

Mbatwe Village






Care for Life is not a handout or give-away organization, but one that believes in working with people to help them take charge of their own destiny, realize their full potential, and create a culture of individual effort and responsibility.



How is this accomplished?


Through Care for Life’s Family Preservation Program by focusing on the teachings and application of 8 vital areas: Education, Health & Hygiene, Sanitation, Income Generation, Home Improvement, Food Security & Nutrition,

Psycho-social Well-being, and Community Participation.



This holistic approach of preserving families in all facets not only encourages and enables the principle of self-reliance, but also brings about lasting change.



Why is this holistic approach to the family important?


Without attention to the whole family unit, sustainable development cannot be accomplished. For example, it is not possible to talk about the flight against HIV/AIDS without giving due attention to the improvement of food and nutrition security, as anti-retroviral treatment does not save an undernourished patient, who does not know where to get his next meal. And so the improvement of one’s life cannot be approached in parts, but rather in addressing each part simultaneously.


And so, Care for Life’s mission of alleviating suffering, fostering self-reliance and instilling hope, is achieved through the holistic approach of the Family Preservation Program.


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