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Our Humanitarian Education Leadership Project (H.E.L.P.) provides service opportunities for those willing to travel to Mozambique. If you feel drawn to help some of the world’s poorest families, and are willing to sacrifice for the opportunity to work with a team to serve these people then a Care for Life H.E.L.P. team experience may be for you.

"Care for Life made an enormous difference in Mbatwe. Before we were in darkness, but Care for Life showed us what needed to be done."

—Souza Chatima,

Mbatwe Village



Care for Life was born of a desire to help those in need. During the first fact-finding trip to Mozambique in 2000, we saw the dire poverty of Mozambique and realized that even small efforts could make a difference. We knew we had resources and knowledge to share and friends who could do the same. Care for Life is an Arizona non-profit corporation and a U.S. 501(c)(3) charitable organization.



Our guiding philosophy is,


"Go to the people, live with them, learn from them, love them, work with them, start with what

they have, build on what they know, and in the end the people will rejoice: ‘We have done it ourselves!’ "

(Lao Tzu – China 700 B.C.E.)

We want to help the people help themselves.


Living and working with the people of Mozambique has led us to love them. Care for Life has met with and listened carefully to their government leaders, educators, local agents and the people themselves to understand their primary problems. They have helped us understand what solutions they see and how we can help in the most effective and sustainable ways.

Being a H.E.L.P. volunteer provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Mozambique is green and lush with beautiful beaches. However, Mozambique is ranked among the world’s poorest countries. Wars, floods, droughts, and extreme poverty have left the people of this country destitute and in need of help.

Participants have the opportunity to explore and enhance their unique skills and abilities through activities in local communities. Members of project teams will interact extensively with villages that are in the Care for Life family of communities. Teams will be responsible for organizing and completing projects that will benefit the poorest of the poor in these villages.



All participants must be at least 18 years old before departing to Mozambique and will be required to adhere to a strict code of conduct, H.E.L.P. dress code, and safety rules. Each volunteer will also be required to attend a training workshop held in the spring. Training workshops will be scheduled in Arizona and Utah. or if your school or work situation does not permit you to attend, arrangements can be made for online training. There will also be additional training specific to your project outside of this training workshop.



Go to the TEAM PROJECTS FOR 2016 page for a list of the 2016 volunteer needs.



The cost for a project team member is $450 per week. The length of teams varies depending on the specific project, but will be from 3 weeks to 3 months. Those projects that will take longer than 3 weeks to complete will receive a discounted fee of $200 per week after the first 3 weeks. You will be required to arrive in Beira, Mozambique with your team and depart with them also. The team fee includes all living and transportation costs in Mozambique, and funds to complete your specific project. Not included is your travel to and from Mozambique and personal expenses such as your visa, passport, immunizations and malaria meds.




  1. Fill out and submit a H.E.L.P team application. No applications will be accepted after March 30.
  2. Specify your desired project from the list or send a detailed proposal of an alternate project.
  3. Submit your non-refundable deposit of $500. The remaining fee will be due at least 60 days before your departure date. If for some reason you are not accepted to a project team, your $500 will be refunded.
  4. Once you have applied and been accepted on a project team you will be responsible to work closely with your team to ensure all necessary preparations are made before you arrive in Mozambique. The Care for Life staff will work closely with you to make sure you understand how to complete your project. We will also work with the staff in Mozambique to help you coordinate your project.
  5. Secure your travel arrangements. Our travel agent will help you make travel arrangements, or you may make your own. You are responsible to pay for your own travel. You must arrive in Beira, Mozambique with your team. Any additional travel you plan to do should be made after team dates are reserved. You will not be allowed to arrive or depart on a different day from your team.
  6. Attend training workshop in either Arizona or Utah in the spring. Dates will be announced in January.



If you have questions please contact Linda Harper at linda@careforlife.org.





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