Care for Life strongly believes in measuring our exact impact per person served. We believe that all non-profit organizations should be measuring their effects carefully.


Care for Life performs such measuring during their bi-annual assessments by visiting each family in every village to determine how well they are progressing and/or if changes need to be made. These assessments continue up to five years after Care for Life has established self-sufficiency and has exited a village.


Here are some of the most recent statistics from our assessment:



"Care for Life made an enormous difference in Mbatwe. Before we were in darkness, but Care for Life showed us what needed to be done."

—Souza Chatima,

Mbatwe Village





At Care for Life we see a future in which every family has the knowledge and support necessary to satisfy their basic needs. At Care for Life, our vision is to become one of the world’s most impactful organizations and to serve millions of families. We are still small, but we know that our program works and believe that it is the most effective aid program you will ever see.



After ten years of operation, we have proven an innovative new way to serve over 3,100 families (15,500 lives) with more than 6,000 children living in those families. Yet this is only a drop in the bucket compared to the ocean of need: There are millions of families in the world that need help to rise from the depth of despair to hope and confidence. We are still a young organization, but we believe that we can revolutionize the way aid is provided to people in Africa.


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