8 Areas of Emphasis

The Family Preservation Program is a family-based development program implemented at the community level. It is a holistic approach to building up self-reliant families through education, instruction and behavioral change. This program is based on 8 primary areas of emphasis that help families develop the ability to be self-reliant. These 8 areas of emphasis are education, health & hygiene, food security & nutrition, sanitation, income generation, home improvement, psycho-social well-being, and community participation.

"Care for Life made an enormous difference in Mbatwe. Before we were in darkness, but Care for Life showed us what needed to be done."

—Souza Chatima,

Mbatwe Village





Read about the 8 Different

Areas of Emphasis:

1. Education

2. Health & Hygiene

3. Food Security & Nutrition

4. Sanitation

5. Income Generation

6. Home Improvement

7. Psycho-Social Well-Being

8. Community Participation


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